How to become an au pair in China?

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rules & regulations

Au pair

minimum stay

3 months is normally the minimum stay, in rare cases it can be reduced to 2 months.

maximum stay

The maximum contract length is 12 months. If the au pair and host family agree on it, the contract and visa can be elongated with help of an agency.

working hours

  • maximum 8 hours/day
  • maximum work hours/weeks depend on the contract, it can be 25, 30, 35 or 40

days off

The au pair is entitled to 1.5 free days per week at the first three weeks per months, as well as 1 free weekend at the end of every month.


  • 3 days paid holidays for every 3 months

allowed work

The daily work of an au pair varies widely. It wholly depends on the type and lifestyle of the family that is hosting the au pair. In general, an au pair's everyday work includes:

  • Carrying out light housework such as helping to keep the home clean and tidy as well as washing and ironing clothes;
  • Tutor host kids in English and improve their English level;
  • Looking after younger children, i.e. supervising them, accompanying them to kindergarten, to school or specific activities, bringing them for walks, playing with them;

Which work should and can be done by an au pair? Which work an au pair definitely doesn't have to do? Discuss with others in our community!

forbidden work

As there's no special au pair visa, there's also no officially forbidden work.

pocket money

The amount of pocket money is subject to the amount of hours per week as defined in the contract. Usually it's

  • 1000 RMB for 25 hours/week
  • 1500 RMB for 30 hours/week
  • 2000 RMB for 35 hours/week
  • 2500 RMB for 40 hours/week

Most families will pay the pocket money in cash at a certain day each month.

board and lodging

Au pairs are entitled to have their own room at their host family's home. The host family will also provide them with meals. Naturally, this also applies in case of illness or during the au pair's holidays.


Every au pair has his/her own individual room in the host family's home.

The size of the room is different and depends on the host family. Also not every bedroom will have its own bathroom, so the au pair may have to share the bathroom e.g. with the nanny of the host family.

language course

The agency in China will organize Chinese language course, which is normally twice a week. Usually the class will be arranged in the morning.

At ICXC, the HSK book is used, so the au pair can get the HSK certificate, which is an official certificate admitted by the Chinese government. 

travel expenses

The cost for the flight to China is normally born by the au pair.

If the contract is ended as planned, the agency will normally pay for the return flight ticket.

health, accident and liability insurance

The agency takes care to take out the right insurance for the au pair.

social welfare system

The au pair doesn't have to pay for the social welfare system in China.


The au pair doesn't have to pay any tax in China.

cost for host family

Here's some guideline what cost to expect as a host family:

  • pocket money: from 1000 RMB (for 25 hours) to 2500 RMB (for 40 hours) depending on the amount of working hours
  • cost for board and lodging
  • agency fee: from 27000 to 75000 RMB depending on the au pair's home country and the length of the stay
  • language course: normally paid by the agency
  • insurance: normally paid by the agency
  • ev. public transportation ticket
  • ev. SIM card
  • ...

placement fee

The placement (or agency) fee is born by the host family, the au pair normally doesn't have to pay anything to the agency.

ending of contract

The au pair contract finishes at the end of the agreed time. The contractual relationship can be terminated prior to this time only in the case of mutual agreement, by signing a cancellation contract.

In most cases, both parties agree that the au pair will stay such time until he/she has found another host family - the agency will support. If there is a serious reason for doing so, the au pair employment can be terminated without notice. Apart from such circumstances, it is of course expected that the au pair and family will not separate during the first few days of living together. Experience shows that with goodwill the initial "culture shock" (e.g. arising from different lifestyles and eating habits) can be overcome in a short time.

The better au pair and family match, the less severe the culture shock. Therefore we highly recommend to use our perfectMatch function to find the perfect Match!

Discuss with others in our community what you can do when you have problems with your au pair / family!

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