How to become an au pair in Finland?

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rules & regulations

Au pair
Working Holiday
New Zealand

minimum stay

No minimun stay defined.


maximum stay

1 year

1 year

working hours

Maximum 5 hours/day.

Maximum 30 hours/week.

As an au pair, your host family may have you do light domestic work for up to 30 hours a week, and no more than 5 hours a day.

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days off

At least one full day off each week and at least one such day off per month which must be a Sunday.

not relevant


There are no specific regulations concerning the amount of holiday an au pair is entitled to in Finland.

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allowed work

The daily work of an au pair varies widely. It wholly depends on the type and lifestyle of the family that is hosting the au pair. In general, an au pair's everyday work includes:

  • Carrying out light housework such as helping to keep the home clean and tidy as well as washing and ironing clothes;
  • Making breakfast and simple meals;
  • Looking after younger children, i.e. supervising them, accompanying them to kindergarten, to school or specific activities, bringing them for walks, playing with them;
  • Watching over the house or apartment and looking after pets

Which work should and can be done by an au pair? Which work an au pair definitely doesn't have to do? Discuss with others in our community!

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forbidden work

Full-time childminder or housekeeper.

It is also common that the tasks of an au pair do not include caring for the sick or elderly (looking after family members in need of care).

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pocket money

At least 280 euros net of spending money per month.

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board and lodging

Board and lodging are provided by the family.

not relevant


There are no official regulations, but in common practice, the au pair is entitled to his/her own room.

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language course

The au pair must participate in a Finnish or Swedish language course.

Usually, it is the au pair who pays for his/her own language course.

not relevant

travel expenses

No official regulations, but depending on the agreement between the au pair and the host family, the travel costs will be either split between parties or paid in full by the host family or the au pair. This usually depends on the length of the au pair's stay and will be decided by the host family.

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health, accident and liability insurance

Citizens of New Zealand must have insurance that covers illness and hospital care and that is valid for their entire stay in Finland.

The Finnish Embassy recommends that all applicants acquire travel insurance for their entire travel to and duration of stay in Finland.

social welfare system

Au pair work is exempted from the Finnish health insurance and employer's social security contributions; if the au pair works in Finland for less than four months, their total wages (pocket money fringe benefits) remain below €1,173 per month, and he/she works less than 18 hours a week.

If the au pair is going to stay longer, health insurance and employer's social security contribution must be paid unless the employee is a holder of a certificate issued by Kela (the Finnish Social Insurance Institution).

Detailed information can be found here.

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The pocket money that a Finnish family pays to an au pair is taxed as wages.

Room and board and other maintenance provided by the host family are also taxable as a fringe benefit. Tax assessment depends on how long the au pair stays in Finland.

If the au pair stays longer than 6 months, the pocket money will be taxed by a progressive scale.

As soon as the au pair starts his/her work, he/she must obtain a Finnish tax card.

Detailed information can be found here.

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cost for host family

  • pocket money: 280 Euros
  • insurance
  • lodging
  • board
  • public transportation ticket
  • higher car insurance fee if the au pair is allowed to use it

not relevant

ending of contract

There are no official rules regarding an early termination of an au pair contract.

If for some reason the au pair cannot continue working and living with the host family, he/she may change host family without applying for a new residence permit, as long as his/her permit is still valid.

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