How to become an au pair in France?

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The website of the Alliance française provides you with news, practical information, French classes: all you need to plan your stay in France!

Want to discover France, get some ideas for nice trips and beautiful destination: just visit the French official tourism webiste.

And if you have a bit of reading time, this article from the Guardian offers an interesting view on how it is to live in France.

typical day in a family

This is pretty much it: A Day in the life: France.

It is also really interesting to read the blogs from some au pair to kind of get a hint what can be expected and how is a typical day in a family: as a selection.

cost of living

For those of you interested in the official figures of the cost of living, the Insee website  is the place to go (in French).

For a more lighthearted approach (if this can be the case with burgers!), why not have a look at the Big Max Index from the Economist (comparing the average price of a burger in a set of countries)?

Otherwise, numbeo is the reference to get an idea of everyday item prices.


The list of public holidays in France can be found here.

Workers are entitled to two-and-a half working days’ leave for each month worked, i.e. five weeks of paid leave per year worked. 

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