How to become an au pair in Germany?

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Are the Germans really so structured, pedantically organised, reliable, amiable and sociable?

The Goethe Institute provides a nice insight on what is typical in Germany nowadays.

typical day in a family

Most families will get up early (between 6:00 and 7:00) as kindergarten, school and also most work begins at around 8:00.
They will normally eat a “continental breakfast” with bread, butter, marmalade, jam, honey sometimes also cheese, bacon,…or cereals.

Generally, lunchtime in Germany is at 12:00, but especially depending on the time the kids come home from school it might also be later.
The kids will normally eat lunch at home, as not many kindergarten and schools offer lunch.

Most families eat a warm meal at lunchtime and only a cold snack (bread, cheese, bacon, vegetables,…) in the evening, but especially if the parents don’t get lunch at work, the dinner might be the main meal of the day and there’s only a warm or cold snack for the kids at lunchtime.

Although there exists kindergarten and schools which are open in the afternoon as well, they are still not widely spread and therefore most kids will spend their afternoon and evening at home (learning, doing homework) / with their hobbies.

cost of living

  • 0,5 l beer
    • in a pub: 2 - 4 EUR
    • at Oktoberfest: 5 EUR (10 EUR for a "Maß" = 1 liter)
    • in a supermarket: 0,25 - 0,70 EUR
  • Bottle (0,75l) of red wine
    • in a pub: ~15 EUR (from 10 - open end)
    • in a supermarket / online shop: ~ 5 EUR (from 2,50 - open end)
  • Ticket for public transportation system
    • local traffic: 2 - 5 EUR
    • long distance train: special offers starting from 19 EUR
    • long distance bus: about the same


Most Germans are Christians, therefore most public holidays are around Christian celebrations like Easter or Christmas.

An overview about all public holidays including links to more details, can be found on Wikipedia.

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