How to become an au pair in Iceland?

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more about Iceland

Multicultural and information CentreOfficial Tourism Information SiteHolidays and days offFree Movement - EU nationals (

more about learning

Learning Icelandic on the internetCourses in IcelandicCommon European Framework of Reference for Languages

more about being au pair in Iceland

The Icelandic Directorate of ImmigrationOfficial contract on au pair engagementRegisters IcelandRequirements on secure maintenance Directorate of Internal RevenueInformation about taxesIcelandic Health InsuranceThe Social Insurance AdministrationIcelandic MissionsHalloNorden - Information about moving to Iceland from a Nordic countryDriver's licensePersonal identification number

visa related links and downloads

Information for EEA & EFTA citizens moving to IcelandInformation for non-EEA & EFTA citizens moving to IcelandMedical examination for a residence permit

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