How to become an au pair in Norway?

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rules & regulations

Au pair
Working Holiday
New Zealand

minimum stay

No minimum stay defined.

No minimun stay defined.

maximum stay

2 years (the residence permit will be granted for the period stated on the contract).

6 months at the same employer; 2 years in total.

working hours

According to Norwegian regulations, the working hours can not exceed 5 hours per day and the weekly hours can not exceed 30 hours.

Au pairs from non EU/EEA countries cannot work more than 30 hours, not even for extra pay. 

days off

At least one day off (24 hours) per week, and at least one such day off per month must be a Sunday. The au pair must have, in addition, at least one fixed afternoon off per week.


25 working days' holiday per calendar year.

Even if the au pair has not been with the host family for the whole year, he/she is entitled to full holidays if he/she started working for the host family no later than 30 September. If the au pair started working after 30 September, the au pair is entitled to six working days’ holiday. The same applies if the au pair changes host families, provided that he/she can document that he/she did not take holidays while working for the previous host family. 

allowed work

The au pair is to carry out lights tasks such as housework, child care and caring for pets (dog, cat etc.).

forbidden work

The au pair’s tasks cannot include nursing the host parents or children with special needs.

pocket money

At least NOK 5600 (before tax) / month.

The au pair is also entitled to holiday pay in accordance with the Holidays Act.

board and lodging

Board and lodging are provided by the family for freeThis also applies in the case of illness.


The au pair is entitled to his/her own room.

language course

Every au pair is entitled to the opportunity to do a Norwegian language course as well as take part in cultural and scholarly activities.

The host family is obliged to contribute with at least NOK 8,400 / year to the cost of the Norwegian language course and shall pay for required course materials and cover travel expenses to and from the classes.

travel expenses

The cost of travelling to Norway is usually borne by the au pair and the host family is responsible for the return journey home.

This commitment will cease if the au pair stays in Norway on another residence permit or if the au pair wishes to return to a country other than his/her home country.

not relevant

health, accident and liability insurance

An au pair with a valid residence permit is automatically a member of the National Insurance Scheme. To be included in the scheme, the au pair must register at the Tax Administration.

In addition, the host family must pay for an insurance that covers the au pair’s repatriation in case of death, illness or injury.

The insurance is in the individual au pair’s name. This means that the host family will not be refunded if the au pair leaves or changes host families, or if the au pair is not granted a residence permit. The host family must also pay for a new insurance policy if they later wish to employ a new au pair.

The applicant must sign a declaration that he/she will take out travel and medical insurance before entering Norway.

social welfare system

If the au pair is a member of the Norwegian National Insurance scheme, he/she must pay National Insurance contributions. The National Insurance contribution is deducted from his/her pay as part of the tax deducted.

If the au pair is insured in an EU/EEA country or in another country with which Norway has signed a national insurance agreement, he/she does not have to pay National Insurance contributions in Norway. 

More information about the Norwegian National Insurance scheme can be found here.


In order to pay tax, the au pair must have a tax card an must be registered with the tax office. Au pairs are subject to tax and must pay tax on income in excess of the amount on the exemption card. This also applies to free board and lodging.

The au pair has the responsibility to make sure his/her tax is paid although the host family have the obligation to deduct the tax amount from the pocket allowance. The au pair must check that this is done in the correct way and should every month receive a receipt that the taxes have been paid.

More details can be found here.


cost for host family

  • pocket money: 5600 NOK
  • language course: NOK 8400
  • insurance
  • lodging
  • board
  • ev. public transportation ticket
  • ev. higher car insurance fee if the au pair is allowed to use it

ending of contract

Both parties can terminate the contract with, at least, one month's notice. The termination must be in writing.

The period of notice runs from the date on which the other party receives the notice of termination. 

The holidays outstanding may be taken during the period of notice.

Furthermore, the au pair and the host family have the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect if the other party is in gross breach of his/her contractual obligations or is otherwise in material breach of the contract.

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