How to become an au pair in Spain?

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Spain has 7 different programs for the different au pair citizenships.
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program basics

Au pair
Working Holiday
New Zealand
Youth mobility

minimum age

17 18 18

maximum age

99 30 35


visa required

visa required

visa required

estimated visa processing time

: 42


language requirements

There are no minimum language skills required

There are no minimum language skills required

There are no minimum language skills required

short program description

An au pair (meaning “on par” in French or “on equal terms”) is a foreigner, who goes to Spain to improve her/his knowledge of the Spanish language and possibly professional knowledge as well as her/his general culture by acquiring a better knowledge of this country. The au pair lives temporarily with a Spanish host family and takes care of the children and does light house-work. In return, she/he gets full board, lodging, and weekly pocket money. She/he will live as part of the host family, sharing and participating in their activities.

On the 24th of November 1969, in Strasbourg, the European Agreement concerning Au Pair placements was signed  in order to officially regulate the au pair program in Europe. This agreement was ratified by Spain on the 24th of January 1986 and enforced in 1988. With this agreement, the European Council established a series of conditions that regulates these kind of placements.

These norms, further regulations and information can be found below. 

 If the au pair stays for less than three months in Spain, no visa is needed. However, the au pair will still need to check the different requirements currently in effect for entering Spanish territory.

If the au pair wants to stay more than three months in Spain, then she/he can apply for a working holiday visa. The au pair can participate in this program only one time. The au pair has to be aware that she/he may not stay with the same family for more than three months or work in Spain for over six months in the context of this program.

Under the “Youth Mobility Program” Agreement, signed in 2009 between Spain and Canada, up to 1000 Canadian youth can travel to Spain to improve their knowledge of the Spanish language, culture and society.

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