How to become an au pair in United Kingdom?

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Leisure activities

Eating and drinking

There are an enormous range of things to do in the UK during the evenings and weekends. 
British people like to socialize in pubs and bars, and this is usually a popular option with overseas students and or Ex-Pats.

Eating out in the UK is often very good as Britain now has some of the world's top restaurants and an excellent range of cheaper ones. It is possible to sample food from all over the world even in small towns, which will have at least a Chinese and Indian restaurant or takeaway, a fish and chip shop and a pub serving food. In Scotland, takeaway food is called a carry out. Pub food is often (but not always) very good, especially in "gastropubs" which concentrate as much on food as drink.

Sightseeing and culture

Students staying in London, Leeds, Manchester and other major cities have the most choice of cultural and entertainment options. London has some of the world's top museums and art galleries, as well as leading orchestras, opera and theatre companies.

Outside the major cities there is beautiful countryside to walk in and very many castles, preserved grand houses and formal parks.

Language centres routinely organize student social programs which will include visits to the UK's top attractions, as well as to local pubs and bars. Typical trips often include Stonehenge, Oxford, Cambridge, London, York and Leeds Castle. Many will also take students to Paris.

typical day in a family

A typical day in the life of the average Brit

cost of living

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