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What permit do I apply for?
I am interested in working in Dublin and have been in contact with a family there. I would like to know how a South African citizen would (...)
2 days agoC. C.1 Answers
latest activity: 1 day ago
Bonjour, j'habite déja en France et je veux être fille au pair et avoir une famille d’accueil. Est ce que c'est possible ?
Bonjour, j'habite déjé en France et je veux être fille au pair et  avoir une famille d’accueil. Est ce (...)
3 weeks agoN. S.4 Answers
latest activity: 3 days ago
Perche la ragazza au pair non mi risponde?
Salve a tutti. Ho scritto a 3 eu pair e nessuna mi ha risposto. cosa ho sbagliato? Eppure erano due eu pair alla ricerca di famiglie ospi (...)
7 months agoS. P.2 Answers
latest activity: 6 months ago
I would like to be an AU PAIR in Los Angeles California, can anyone help?
1 week agoH. B.1 Answers
latest activity: 1 week ago
Wie soll ich den Au-pair Vertrag ausfüllen?
Hallo,erstmal Vielen Dank für die Möglichkeit ein  Au-Pair hier zu  finden. Für meine Familie und fü (...)
1 week agoR. P.1 Answers
latest activity: 1 week ago
Will any family accept an au pair from Algeria?
5 months agoH. S.5 Answers
latest activity: 2 weeks ago
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Y a t il des filles au pair déjà en France, cherchant une famille ?
A. A. • family family • France
2017-12-11 10:182 Réponse(s)Dernière réponse: 2017-12-12 12:53 8 Vues
Como puedo encontrar una familia?
C. H. • au pair au pair • Spain
2017-12-09 17:551 Respuesta(s)Respuesta más reciente: 2017-12-11 13:31 8 Vistas
Hello - We are looking for an au pair for one month in London From 17 Dec to 19 Jan
E. O. • family family • United Kingdom
6 days ago1 Answerslatest answer: 4 days ago2 have this question 10 views
¿ Me pueden ayudar a encontrar una familia de acogida (Julio + agosto) en España ?
S. S. • au pair au pair • France
2017-12-06 23:181 Respuesta(s)Respuesta más reciente: 2017-12-08 09:49 14 Vistas
Can I be au pair in France ?
G. D. • au pair au pair • Brazil
2017-12-06 14:240 Respostas 6 visualizações
Ciao, sono del Venezuela, abito in italia. Sto cercando una famiglia per rendermi cura dei bimbi.
F. T. • au pair au pair • Italy, Venezuela
4 weeks ago2 Answerslatest answer: 1 week ago 22 views
Je veux rencontrer ma famille d'accueil.
L. C. • au pair au pair • Peru
2017-12-03 12:511 Réponse(s)Dernière réponse: 2017-12-11 10:47 20 Vues
Quiero ser Au Pair de una familia española. Tengo experiencia cuidando niños.
E. M. • au pair au pair • Colombia
2017-11-28 17:411 Respuesta(s)Respuesta más reciente: 2017-11-29 18:23 10 Vistas
Will any family accept an au pair from Serbia?
&. &. • au pair au pair • Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia
1 month ago1 Answerslatest answer: 2 weeks ago 20 views
C. B. • family family • Australia
1 month ago2 Answerslatest answer: 3 weeks ago2 have this question 18 views

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My family asks for child care references - what can I hand in?
I. A. • au pair au pair • Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey
1 year ago3 Answerslatest answer: 3 months ago3 have this question 416 views
Report bugs and problems for fastMatch
Maria KnauerconnectAuPair team connectAuPair team • Germany
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Can you help me to find a host family
T. M. • au pair au pair • Philippines
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Agency is asking a fee before receiving my documents, is it OK?
J. R. • au pair au pair • Philippines
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How can I set my profile to inactive?
E. W. • family family • Germany
10 months ago2 Answerslatest answer: 3 months ago 208 views


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