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R. P.
How to get a great matchx host family
2 weeks agoR. P.0 Answers
B. T.
How could i get family matches
Hei Is there anyway that searching for family is a bit easier? I have been in these site for almost a month now and still hav (...)
3 weeks agoB. T.1 Answers
latest activity: 3 weeks ago
P. G.
How to find a good family I want to be an au pair for a long time.
1 month agoP. G.3 Answers
latest activity: 2 weeks ago
T. O.
Can a Kenyan Au pair in China?
Hello, Quick question, can someone from Kenya become an Au pair in China? I keep learning that in most countries, it is almos (...)
2 weeks agoT. O.2 Answers
latest activity: 2 weeks ago
A. K.
What would you advice me?
This is my first time being an au pair but I have experience as a nanny. These 2 are different things since you'll have to travel as (...)
1 month agoA. K.1 Answers
latest activity: 1 month ago
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S. D.
Can I get a host already? The wait is killing me
S. D. • au pair au pair • Zimbabwe
0 Answers 22 views
K. J.
Has anyone ever found a host family here
K. J. • au pair au pair • Kenya
3 Answerslatest answer: 3 weeks ago 478 views
A. S.
I am a Nigerian and i also lives in Nigeria can i be an aupair
A. S. • au pair au pair • Nigeria
1 Answerslatest answer: 3 weeks ago 237 views
n. m.
pouvez vous m'aider dans la recherche d'une famille d'accueil svp
n. m. • au pair au pair • Cameroon
2 Réponse(s)Dernière réponse: February 12, 2019 463 Vues

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Maria Knauer
Report bugs and problems for fastMatch
Maria KnauerconnectAuPair team connectAuPair team • Germany
16 Answerslatest answer: 7 months ago13 have this question 2945 views
D. E.
Do host families usually pay for au pair plane tickets?
D. E. • au pair au pair • Philippines
5 Answerslatest answer: 6 months ago4 have this question 2856 views
I. A.
My family asks for child care references - what can I hand in?
I. A. • au pair au pair • Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey
4 Answerslatest answer: 1 year ago4 have this question 2849 views
T. M.
Can you help me to find a host family
T. M. • au pair au pair • Philippines
8 Answerslatest answer: 11 months ago7 have this question 2803 views
J. R.
Agency is asking a fee before receiving my documents, is it OK?
J. R. • au pair au pair • Philippines
3 Answerslatest answer: 1 year ago 2748 views


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