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I. H.
Quisiera conocer los requisitos para contratar a una au pair durante tres meses de Canada, EEUU o Reino Unido
Quisiera conocer los costes, responsabilidades y obligaciones. Mi objetivo es que mis dos hijos de 8 años hablen ingles con soltur (...)
1 day agoI. H.0 Answers
N. J.
can i participate in programming aupair I'm from Tunisia and I'm 33 years old
I'm from Tunisia and I'm 33 years old i have many experience with children, can i participate of  program aupair? it (...)
3 days agoN. J.0 Answers
T. T.
African au pair in need of advice. What do we do?
Hi, this will be my first experience as an au pair. I am African and already found a host family (first match also). We would like to kno (...)
2 years agoT. T.2 Answers
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C. C.
Recherche une jeune fille au pair juillet aout
C. C. • family family • France
5 Réponse(s)Dernière réponse: January 20, 2021 2137 Vues
H. P.
. Anyone recommend me? Thankyou
H. P. • au pair au pair • American Samoa, Australia
0 Answers 79 views
R. C.
Hope to find a host family in this platform. I will be available anytime.
R. C. • au pair au pair • Philippines
2 Answerslatest answer: 3 weeks ago 1207 views
M. N.
Is there any Host family here looking for a Kenyan Au Pair?
M. N. • au pair au pair • Kenya
1 Answerslatest answer: 2 weeks ago2 have this question 107 views
D. M.
D. M. • au pair au pair • Chile, Venezuela
1 Answerslatest answer: 2 months ago2 have this question 303 views

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D. E.
Do host families usually pay for au pair plane tickets?
D. E. • au pair au pair • Philippines
6 Answerslatest answer: 4 months ago5 have this question 8418 views
J. R.
Agency is asking a fee before receiving my documents, is it OK?
J. R. • au pair au pair • Philippines
7 Answerslatest answer: 4 months ago 7217 views
Maria Knauer
Report bugs and problems for fastMatch
Maria KnauerconnectAuPair team connectAuPair team • Germany
17 Answerslatest answer: 11 months ago20 have this question 7174 views
T. M.
Can you help me to find a host family
T. M. • au pair au pair • Philippines
5 Answerslatest answer: 4 months ago13 have this question 7033 views
I. A.
My family asks for child care references - what can I hand in?
I. A. • au pair au pair • Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey
9 Answerslatest answer: 4 months ago6 have this question 7018 views


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