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A família pode pagar o passaporte, visto e passagem de avião?

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Ou apenas o visto e  a passagem 

Hi Jefferson, 

even though you will most likely never see this response (judging by the last time you were online on this site), maybe others will see it.

I don't know much about other countries and how do the Host Families deal with their Au Pair's expenses, but I can tell you what is it like in China. Namely, Host Families here expect Au Pair to pay for his/her own expenses first (such as visa fee, flight tickets) but later, when they are done with the contract, they will get reimbursed. Depending on Au Pair's stay, it can either be partial or full coverage. To explain better, it really doesn't pay off to them to host someone for 3 months and pay round trip ticket, however, if you are staying for the whole year, you can get so much more.

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I  understand the host family can help with the travel expenses sometimes, but they are most likely to pay the return ticket for the au pair to get back home.

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