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a looking for famili.

Hello, my naime nino , a am from georgia.  a lookig for famili and a wonts working children. a kowe english and rashen langvige.

thenxs .

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Dear Nino (and all other au pairs who have this question as well),

to find a family, you need to

  • Fill your profile with data to make it a convincing application letter to the family
    • There are by far more au pairs than families registered at connectAuPair (as at any other matching platform or traditional au pair agency), therefore you're in strong competition with other au pairs and will only have chances to find a family if your profile stands out of the crowd
    • Do it thouroughly and be honest (you e.g. state that you speak English with level C2 which isn't reflected in your English texts at all...)
    • Answer the questions in "more about me" in the languages you know - in best case this includes the language of the host country, otherwise English is always a good choice. 
    • Don't use translation tools to write texts in languages you don't know - the family will for sure ask for a Skype or telephone interview with you and would be very disappointed to find out that you've been cheating with regards to your language skills
    • Add nice pictures, showing not only yourself, but also your family, friends, yourself when looking after kids,... Well chosen pictures will make the decisive difference in the first impression families get from you.
  • Activate the matching function in "my matching" in your profile
  • Look for matching families in the matchig results list
  • Contact matching families via our messaging system. 
    • Before you contact a family, read through their family profile. 
    • Write a really personal message, explaining why you think you would be the perfect match to them
  • Find the perfectly matching family, sign the au pair contract, and become au pair...

If you follow these steps, you have good chances to find a really matching family and spend a great time as their au pair.

Good luck!

Maria from the cAP team

As after your post many au pairs started posting in the community, that they are searching for families, it seems that we need a stricter policy for the community, so here we go: 

The community of connectAuPair is the place to ask any questions you  have related to being or becoming an au pair or host family.

It's NOT the place to find au pairs or host families - for this please use the matching function!

Therefore, we will from now on delete all posts which don't fit to this rule.

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