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Anular mi cuenta Eu Pair

Quisiera saber como dar de baja esta cuenta como eliminarla, como anular mi cuenta eu pair aqui?


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Dear TreTras,

I'm sorry that our services don't meet your expectations - please let us know why you would like to delete your account at cAP so we can improve our offering!

At the moment it's not yet possible to close the account directly from your profile (we will provide this option soon), therefore I've sent you an email with a cancellation code.

Best regards,
Maria from the cAP team

Hola TreTras,

qué lástima que quieras cancelar tu cuenta.

¿Nos podrías por favor decir el por qué? Nos gustaría saber para mejorar nuestro servicio.

Por  el momento no es posible cancelar tu cuenta directamente desde tu  perfil (vamos a tener esta opción en breve), por eso te hemos mandado un  correo electrónico con un código de cancelación.

Si tienes preguntas, por favor no dudes en contactarnos.

Muchos saludos

Nayelli del equipo connectAuPair

Hello, I would like to cancell my profile too. 

Every time I got a message it's written there "We banned XXXX  from connectAuPair because of misusing the system (most likely being a scammer)." 

I believe it's good thing to prevent this, but I am also getting tired of it. Anytime I achieve a message and hope to find a family, this happens. And that's the main reason, why I want to delete my profile.

I also want to delete my account in ConnectAuPair.

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