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Are au pairs given things such as curfews?

Does this differ with each family as well?

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Hi Jessica,

this will definitely differ with each family and yes, I think there might be cases in which families give curfews. If this is an important point for you, you should definitely discuss this during your interview with the family! 

If there is a curfew will also depend on how responsibly you behave and if the family feels it's necessary to give you a curfew if you have to work the next morning to make sure you are awake (and not drunk) when you start to work in the morning.

I don't think that there are families who give a general curfew, also if it's the au pair's day off the next day. But if you frequently come home totally drunk, make a lot of noise and wake up everybody in the middle of the night, you shouldn't be too surprised if the family thinks about giving you a general curfew...

One of our au pairs had her first contact with alcohol while she was our au pair and we had situations like the police ringing at our door, asking to pick her up in town, because she was too drunk to be able to walk. Of course we had some talk about this the next day, but as she was in general acting very responsibly and would never be late or drunk when she had to look after the kids, we never felt we'd need to give her a curfew...



Hello Jessica!

Yes, some families actually give their au pairs curfews and personally I think it is a point you should thoroughly discuss with them, especially if you have any other hobbies you want to spend your free time on apart from learning the language!

Good luck x

Hi there, almost every family have curfew and it's quite important for you since they have to insure your personal safety, also not every family can accept au pair return home late and have a late start in the morning since you have to work with the kid next day, so almost every family will give you a curfew. Still you have the possibility to meet a family without curfew but you have to well behave otherwise don't be surprise if the family give you a curfew~

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