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Are you willing to hire a male au pair?

Hello everyone! My name is John James. Currently in the Philippines and willing to be an au pair. I do have a lot of childcare experiences and I grown taking care of my cousins since they was born. I would like to be one of the au pair to experience what is the feeling to serve in a different family. I would like also to share to my host family, what is a male au pair can do. I believe that woman au pairs has the same capacity in serving our host family. Moreover, I also want to experience your country and to see beautiful places. I love sports, cooking and going to other place and enjoy a scenic view. I can also do laundry, home fixing and cleaning, washing clothes and gardening. With this, Im asking for any host family who are interesting of hiring a male au pair that consider my humble application. 

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Dear John, 

to get the host families interested in you, it is good to add some pictures to your profile. To stand out it would be good to ad 5-10 pictures. You should also tell more about yourself in the MORE ABOUT ME section, so that when families see you through matching, they can already know a bit more about you. 

Good luck in finding a host family soon!

Best regards, 

Taina from the cAP team 

hi John, we are interested by you're proposition and we would like to know if you'r interested by an host familly in France? Thanks for you'r answer.


Hi Samantha, yes I am interested to work in a family in France. 

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