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Au pair left without giving any notice - is this normal?


a friend of mine in the past a bad experience with an Australian au-pair which, without giving them any notice, moved away from their house just leaving behind herself a short note where she adduced unspecified "serious reasons" for which she was forced to leave.. (she suspects the girl just found another family in a "cooler" place than the small village where they live in Tuscany) 

Is that normal?

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Dear Family Italy,

Though Italy has not an official au-pair contract, it has subscribed the European agreement on au-pair placement, according to it, when parties have not specified the duration of the contract this can be terminated by either party with a two weeks notice; only in case of serious misconduct by the other party, or if other serious circumstances occur the contract can be terminated with immediate effect.

Any circumstance other than this should be considered out of the binding contract terms, and therefore, to answer your question, unnormal.

Hope this has helped you solve your doubts, in any case, please do not hesitate to submit to us or to the community your questions.

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