becoming au pair / host family which au pair nationality?

Can I ask if there are host families in Europe who are still interested to have a Filipina Au pair?

Hello,can I ask if there are host families who are still interestested on Filipina Au pairs?

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Dear Angelica,

what do you mean by "still"? Or let's put it the other way round: Why should European host families not want to have an au pair from the Philippines?

We at connectAuPair strongly believe that the citizenship of an au pair is only relevant to answer the question, if the au pair can get an au pair visa (or for some host countries a student or working holiday visa) - something we check with the database we've build up that serves as basis for the country information.

When it comes to finding the perfectMatch, the citizenship shouldn't be a factor at all.  What's really important are the language skills, probably also the child care experience, the religion, the eating habits, the prefered parenting style,... (see also the FAQ regarding this question)

I've seen that Italy is one of your list of wished host countries and that you've quite good Italian language skills - so why not enroll in an intensive Italian language course to be able to apply for a student visa and become an au pair in Italy?

I cross my fingers for you, that you soon find a matching family! 

Maria from the cAP team

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