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Can I invite a Mexican au pair to uk?

Hi, we are thinking to host an au pair from Mexico. She is currently in Denmark for the last three months.. can she still come to uk and stay with us for 6 months or total she can stay in Europe is 6months ? Also shall I provide an invitation letter for her ? Thanks!

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Hi Justyna,

assuming that your desired au pair is not holding an E.U passport, considering that U.K. is outside of Schengen Area and, last but not least, not forgetting the impending Brexit process, I would say that the safest viable option is the "Student " program.

You can find all the details in our country information dedicated to the U.K. Please be aware that several conditions apply so I warmly suggest you have an in-depth read of the information we prepared for you, links included of course.

I wish you a pleasant au pair experience!


Davide, from the team of connectAuPair

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