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Do host families usually pay for au pair plane tickets?

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Au Pair tickets are typically purchased from the sponsor agency however it depends on which agency you are using! 

Dear Daryll, 

and if you decide to not use an agency (in some countries you need to use an agency, like when heading to the USA, but it is not compulsory for many other countries) then usually it is up to you and the host family to agree on the flight costs. 

It could be, that the host family wants you to buy the flight tickets to get to them, but if you stay for a longer period, then they will pay for your flight tickets back home. It is something you need to talk about with the host family. 

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Taina from the connectAuPAir team

I have just had an au pair ask the same question and you have answered my worries as we live in country Australia and to pay for a flight from Europe and the au pair not work out we would be out of pocket and without care for our boys. 

Depends on the host family, Some are willing to take the financial risks, others are not. 

Kindly connect me to a host family.Am a Kenya 28years old married with 3kids two mine 1 adopted .I will love a family that will host me be a family with kids.I love kids so much.kindly connect me Thank you.

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