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Do you think it is possible to become an AuPair in France with just the basic knowledge of French?

Hi! I am about to learn French until next summer to become an aupair. Now I am not sure if it is enough to go in this country. I know that I can visit classes in France the learn more and more but do you think a host family wants someone with a low knowledge of French?

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Dear Valentine, 

thank you for your question! 

Officially the language requirement for an au pair coming from another EU country to France is A1. So you don't need to be fluent in French to be able to become an au pair there - that is, unless the host family requires that. 

Learning a new language is usually one of the reasons to go for an au pair experience, so the host family should also support you in your language studies while you are there as their au pair. You can find more details from our country information for France

Hope you enjoy your French classes!

Kind regards,
Taina from the connectAuPair team

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Hi Valentine,

Just to add to what Taina said, many host families are also looking for a native English, Spanich or German au pair. So being German could in some situation actually be an advantage :-)



Yes I think I can come and work as babysit because I love this job and I worked before and I love children so much 

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