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Has anyone ever ACTUALLY found a Host family on here?

I have been on this site for a couple of months and have written so many applications. But gotten no response.

Is there any Aupair especially from Africa that has actually successfully found a host family on here?

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I have wrote many applications but no Reply. no sign .

am from Uganda  

Me i have found whith some of my friend i ame in cameroon 

Finding a host family as an African au pair might sometimes be more difficult mainly due to the fact that it may take a couple of months to get all the paperwork done and get a visa until you're able to come to the host country - and many families might need an au pair right away. This doesn't mean it's impossible, on the contrary, if you have a good profile and are proactive in contacting families, in the end you will find that one family that is right for you . On our blog you can read the story of an au pair from Kenya that has found a host family in Germany. Have a look and get your motivation up again :-) Keeping my fingers crossed that you'll find the right match very soon!

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