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Has anyone had au pair experience in Finland?

I am extremely interested in becoming an au pair in Finland, however I am only English speaking. Has anyone had experience with this situation? 

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Dear Molly, 

great to hear you are interested in becoming an au pair in Finland! I am not an au pair, but I am a Finn and hopefully that way able to help you. 

In Finland almost everyone can speak at least a bit English. Especially younger people are very fluent in English and used to speaking it. Also most probably the family who is looking for an au pair to come there, is not expecting her/him to speak any Finnish. At least not in the beginning. It is not that common language and not that easy to learn either... 

I would encourage you to go for it and search for a host family from Finland! I am certain you would have a great time!!

Let me know if you have any other Finland related questions and I will do my best to help you. 

Kind regards,
Taina from the connectAuPair team

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