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Hi, can I finda family in china for summer 2019? I can speak french, english and a bit chinese

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Hi Sika, China is a very interesting choice and is becoming more and more popular among the au pairs :-) 

Of course in the au pair matching section of our page you can search for host families is China.

But the most common way to become an au pair in China, is through an au pair agency. So in the same place, in the matching section, you'll also get a list of Chinese au pair agencies that are registered here on our page and who can help you with becoming an au pair in China. Get in touch with them, and see if they have any Chinese host families for the summer that would be a good match for you :-)

In the meanwhile, have a look at our information about the au pair program in China to get a quick overview of the rules and regulations.

Best of luck in your search!

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