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how can i get a host family,am really committed and ready please help me out

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Dear Winnie,

basically, it's very easy :-)

  • Set up a nice profile, as this is your application letter to the family
  • Set your status to "searching" and check for matching families in the matching
  • Contact your favorite families and find out if your really match (exchange messages and also skype!)
  • Discuss details & sign the contract

But quite like with applying for any other attractive job, there are many more applicants (au pairs) than jobs (families) - so it's really important that your profile is complete and all you write there shows your honest interest in becoming an au pair.

We are aware, that we don't have enough families registered with connectAuPair yet to give you a good choice of families (connectAuPair is pretty new on the internet), so we are currently setting up marketing campaigns to attract more families. 

It would be great if you (and all other au pairs reading this!) could support us by promoting  connectAuPair to families. You could e.g. register in one of the many au pair groups at facebook (as you want to go to Ireland, check out, tell that you're looking for a family and that families can find your complete profile at

I cross my fingers for you, that you will soon find your perfect host family!

Maria from the cAP team

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