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How Can I get host family and start the job fast?

Hello from Ethiopia

I'm Lidiya 24 years old. I really would like to join Au pair. But its not clear to me how to get host family fast.
Thanks :)

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Dear Lidiya,

as we just went online some weeks ago, our "matching" is not yet available - we are currently in the testing phase and it looks good that we can keep our plan and release it beginning of next week.

To be able to find a familiy fast, it's very important that you have a nice profile - so use the next days to upload pictures and answer questions in the "more about me section", so that families can see who you are and if you would probably be a good au pair for them. See also 

As an au pair, you need to be aware that there are many more au pairs searching for host families than the other way round, so you're are in strong competition with many many other au pairs - your profile is your application letter, so make sure it really describes who you are in the best possible way!

I cross my fingers for you, that you can find a "perfectMatch" soon!

Best regards,
Maria from the cAP team

Thank y you verry much Dear Maria! 

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