becoming au pair / host family the right thing for me?

How can I tell my parents about my plan?

I would like to tell my parents about my plan to go as an Au Pair to Finland 

But i now that there are against them so i would like to have some tips for the discussion with my parents? I'm from Germany. 

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Hi, when I decided I wanted to be an aupair my family threatened to camp at any embassy that I wanted to apply to and make sure I didn't get a visa. My family can be dramatic. But it's their job to worry about me. 

They were worried about me going to live with a family that they knew nothing about.

My second time around I found a host family, got my information in order so that when I approached them I would be able to better answer their questions. I also asked my host family if they would be ok with speaking to my parents to which they agreed.

My advice would be approach your family with ALL the information. Including how you will protect yourself, what will come out of the experience and information about your host family.

Good luck!

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Hi Franziska,

Talk to them when they are in really good mood. Tell and explain to them what au pair program is all about. What are your reasons in becoming an au pair. Wishing you the best!

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