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How do I know this is safe?

Hello! I don't see that there are any background checks or any way to confirm the validity of the host families and/or au pairs. How do I know I will be safe going to another country to meet complete strangers? I've also been contacted by an "agency" in China that seems very sketchy, but is a "connectAuPair Partner"? This website doesn't seem to do much to screen people - please correct me if I am wrong. Thank you!

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We have a lot of security measures to ensure that each profile is valid.

There are a lot of technical functions to search for unwanted persons and we check a high number of profiles each day (random profiles and suspicious ones) and ask them to prove their identity. If they don't response in time, we ban this user from our platform.

The connectAuPair Partners are real partners. We are in close contact with them and are sure to be a reliable agency!

But never the less: don't forget to read your FAQ about scamming:

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