becoming au pair / host family which au pair nationality?

How hard is it for an African to get a host family

How hard is it for an African to be an aupair, we don't even have an agency in most countries. 

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Hey Tolulope, 

I cannot say it is hard and neither can I say it is easy, it is quite relative overall. It might be fair to say that nothing comes easy but all in all it is not impossible. It takes patience. In fact, there are  families that  specify the nationality of Au Pairs they would prefer which makes it easy to know who you can send your applications to. I would advice you to look out for the families that mention African countries. Otherwise, it basically depends on one´s luck, so to say, on whether one gets a host family or not. There are families that are actually very diverse and would love to experience an African Au Pair and others do not mind if one is African or not. All in all what´s meant to be yours is yours for the taking, it just needs patience.

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