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I have a child. What are my chances finding a host family?

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Dear au pair,

First of all it depends on the individual visa requirements of the scheme you want to enter the host country with. Often it is stated as one of the requirements that 

"the applicant is not allowed to be accompanied by any dependents".

This is no statement about you having children or not. It simply states that you cannot be accompanied by any dependents.

Now think of the situation you working as an au pair in a foreign country whilst your child is at home being brought up by someone else during this time. Is that what you really want?

And think of the host family. They are looking for an au pair who is staying with them for the agreed period of time. With having a child back home the chances increase that you are leaving the host family ahead of time due to something that might occur with your child back home.

Working as an au pair with having children or being childless, this is a topic which cannot be generally answered but should be looked at from all different point of views and after that everyone - esjpecially you as a "prospective au pair" - has to decide on his / her own.

Best regards,


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