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I'm an Au Pair looking for (all countries) a family

 Dear Host Family,


  I'm 19 years old. I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with my mom and I have a sister (Isabella, 17) and a brother (Benjamin 6) with father's part.  In my house have pets, a hamster (Dora) and two cats (Nyx and Paçoca). I'm very energetic and jolly and finishing my technical course (about civil construction) in this days. I played tennis for a long time so, I like sports. 

  I had an experience with 2 kids and they are amazing, we played a lot. Unfortunately I dont have driver's license, I dont drive, if its possible I can take there if you want. Without agency too, can I enter your agency.

  I want be an Au Pair because I love the exchange of cultures and for me look a good way for do this.

  Kisses, Helena.

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