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I'm moving to Paris FRANCE - And i can be a au pair of your Fill/fille :)

Hey, I'm from Brazil. And im moving to France in November... I'm searching for jobs in Paris, and its easy for me cause i have  italian Passaport. So i dont need autorization to be in Europe... 

So, I'm actor, i love arts, youtube, instagram, cinema.... I work with socialmedias, i have an channel in Youtube. I can be very sociable with yours sons !!! We can do videos, Joue games !!! 

My instagram [deleted]

My channel in youtube [deleted]

Thanks for all !! 

Nice to meet you


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Dear Witor, 

thank you for your message and welcome to connectAuPair! 

As we  do not allow personal contact information on our community posts (, I had to delete them from your post. Please add them to your profile, in your MORE ABOUT ME where the families can see them!

Also, if you want to find a host family using our matching function, you should change your search status to "I'm searching for a host family". Have a look at this community post for more details:

Best regards, 

Taina from the cAP team

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