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I'm smoking. Can that become a problem in finding a host family?

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Dear au pair,

This is a question hard to answer.

Of course there is a trend to non-smoking and it is getting more and more popular "not to smoke", but there are still many people smoking - worldwide. 

So - there can be host families where at least one parent is smoking and who don't care if you as their prospective au pair is smoking. It might be that they even look especially for an au pair who is in fact smoking so you - whilst working for them - won't get disturbed and might terminate your time there ahead of time for you are smoking yourself.

And there can be on the other hand host families where none of the parents is smoking (they might even be former smokers and fully understand you being smoking - you never know), but they don't care you smoking as long as you don't do it around the kids, in the house,... This is all open.

Still, it is important to add this information to your profile and be honest about it so you won't have any problems lateron.

Best regards,


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