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Is Philippines has an AU Pair Program?

I am wondering if my country Philippines has an Au Pair Progam? 

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Dear Chinah,

the Philippines don't have an au pair program, which means that it's not possible to become an au pair on the Philippines.

But of course you can become an au pair in all countries which are shown to you in the country information. As the au pair program is targeted at young people, some countries grant au pair visa only until the age of 26 years. Being already 27 is the reason why you e.g. can't come to Germany as an au pair anymore.

Greetings from Germany to the Philippines!

Maria from the cAP team

Thank you so much Ma'am Maria for the quick answer. I think it is not easy to get a visa here in Philippines. like i want to become an au pair found in the country information. Do I need to go to the embassy here in the Philippines ma'am or I will just apply through online?

Dear Chinah,

the visa process depends on the host country you want to go to - you find all the information about it in the step-by-step section in the country information. 

Generally, you will first need to find a family, sign the au pair contract, quite often you also need an invitation letter from the family and a proof about your health insurance and then you normally go to the embassy of the host country and hand in your application for an au pair visa there.



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