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Is there any Host family here looking for a Kenyan Au Pair?

Please send me a message and if You know any host familly!

Has any Kenyan au pair found a host family from here?

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Dear Mary,

we've found our au pair from Kenya here, but the process to get the visa was really difficult in comparison to the one for au pairs from any of the other countries we've had au pairs so far (Russia, Mongolia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Guatemala). It took several months, before she even got an appointment at the embassy, so we had to look for another au pair to bridge the waiting time... I'm sure, many families would have quit at that point, but for us it was worth it.

My best advice is therefore to look for a family, who wants you to start working earliest half a year from now, so you have enough time to apply for and receive the visa. Not sure, how long the visa processing time is for other host countries, but at least for Germany, the visa processing time for au pairs from most African countries is extremely long...

I cross my fingers, that you soon find a matching host family!


PS: You can find a blog post of our Kenyan au pair here: Being an African au pair in Germany

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