job postings & applications

Job postings & applications

Dear au pairs and host families,

as you can read in many other posts, the  community of connectAuPair is the place to ask any questions you have  related to being or becoming an au pair or host family. It's NOT the place to find au pairs or host families - for this you should use the matching function!

Using the matching function allows you to filter for your matching criteria and is much more effective than posting your job or application in the community. The same applies to the information about yourself, many of you post in the community: You should add this information in the more about me ( section instead.

But as so many of you seem to have the strong desire to post their job posting or application in the community, we decided to open a new topic called "Job postings & applications" and allow these kind of postings there.

Please be aware that we will still delete all posts in which personal contact information is shared!

Best regards,
Maria from the cAP team

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