becoming au pair / host family the right thing for me?

New to Au pair, i have never visited other country, i dont have any friends, so how i can become a friend for u?

I like to travel, i Love too visit others country. My dream is wants to round around the world. i need at least two friends from all the country. When we connected we can do any good things easily. We can share each cultures.

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Hi Karhik,
Thanks for your message.
Can you please advise what you want to do?
If you are looking for other au pairs, why not try our nearBy function:
There you can locate other au pairs and contact them.

Hi Julien,

Thank you so much for your valuable time and information.

I have checked in near by Au pair, Everything was posted before 3 or 4 months ago. I tried to contact person and i send two message. Now,waiting for the reply.

I want to move away from my country, i wanna meet new people and i can speak English, and learning Spanish also i know Tamil. I wanna stay with one good family for next 6 month. I can do all the work in home and i can take care children's.  

I belongs to lower middle class family in India. I cant spend more money for travelling but i love to travel other country and meet new people. 

I wanna grow myself with different culture , wanna meet the people who does not care about the skin colour. Finally i found au pair through YouTube. 

I need a good family to stay, and i will do all the good things to their family. I am fully motivated myself with positive thinking and i follow my discipline.

I will do part-time work as well as i will study Salesforce CRM software. 

I completed my four years of engineering in 2012 and i moved into business for last 4 years.

Currently i am studying Salesforce CRM software. Planning to move into IT and Dreaming about get a job in Google. 

Hi Karthik, 

You are more than welcome, we are here to help and assist in the matching where possible.

If you send some messages some months ago, I would recommend to send some new messages: lot of people have since then join as we are ever growing. I hope you will be able to find some nice guys to talk to and exchange about au pairing.

Also, I am sure that with your motivation it will be a matter of time before you can find a family (it is usually a bit harder for boys though). As advised, just check for host families here:

And don't forget to add the above information about yourself onto your profile so all can see your motivation!

Best of luck,

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