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  • Am from Kenya and was looking for a host family, I found one from Spain but now I have to enroll for a Spanish language course but the host says the fee is too much for them and can not afford it , but still want to host me. Are there other  options  for me to get an au pair visa? 
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Hi Brenda,

I guess you need to enroll in a language class to be able to use a student visa to come to Spain, right? Coming from a country from outside EU, using a student visa (and for that enrolling in e.g. a language class) is unfortunatly the only option we've found, as Spain doesn't have an official au pair program with a separate au pair visa.

Best regards,

Maria from the cAP team

Hi Brenda,

You can get tourist visa for 1-3 months.

After taking the tourist visa then I work as an aupair? Is that legal 

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