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Questions to ask to potential host families?

Hello! I'd love to read some ideas about what things I should ask host families to make sure they are a match, or be informed about everything I need to know before heading there and living with them!

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Dear Samantha,

you should simply ask everything which is important to you! :-)

Most important are of course the basic conditions, like the availability of a language course (see also step 7) Clarify conditions in the FAQ), but you might also have very specific questions, depending your your lifestyle, personal preferences,... 

Here are some examples: If you are a vegetarian or have a severe allergy, you should clarify if this would work out with them. If you can't ride a bike, swim,... you should make sure that's not a problem for them. If it's important for you that you can attend church every Sunday, you should find out if this is possible.

Our au pair handbook is also a good guideline, what needs to be clarified between you and the family - you can find a template and also examples of it here:

Best regards,

Maria from the cAP team

Thank you very much for your answer!

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