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Searching for a host family in Canada or Australia

Hello from Indonesia!

I am 23 years old male and I am searching for a host family in Canada or Australia.

I love working with children and I already have much experience.

I am a university student, currently doing my bachelor for Mathematic Education. 

I have my passport ready and want to start in 2018.

If you are searching for an active and trusthworthy au-pair, helping at household and more, contact me please.

My english skills are really good.

Hope to get a message from you!

Best wishes,

Dio Syahputra

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Dear Dio, 

thank you for your message! If you want to search for host families from Canada and Australia, you should have them both as countries where you want to go to in your MY MATCHING. That way the host families from Canada and Australia can also find you when they are searching for an au pair with our matching function. 

Good luck, hope you will find a host family soon!

Taina from the cAP team

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