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Share your au pair story

Dear au pairs and host families,

we are sure, you all have stories to share about your au pair experience!

No matter if you have a great, a horrible or a funny story to tell - other au pairs and host families will be interested in your stories, as they can learn from your experience or just have a good laugh.

So just click here to share your story now (or choose "start a discussion" in the community)!

If you would like to share your story but don't dare to do it in your own name (especially if it is a really bad story), you can also send it to the fake au pair who speaks your language and the fake au pair will post the story for you:

We are looking forward to reading your stories!

Maria from the connectAuPair team

PS: Posting a story also means collecting cAP points which families can use to pay for their membership!

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