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This regards my visa application.

Hello everyone. I am Abbygale Grace and I've found a host family in Italy. I need to know if its possible for me to get a visa that will allow me to stay for 12months in Italy? Please,any positive feedback will be highly appreciated.

Thank you

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Dear Abbygale Grace,

I suppose, you have a South African citizenship (please fill it in to your profile, so that you get the right rules & regulations displayed automatically)? In that case it's not really easy to become an au pair in Italy, as Italy doesn't have a specific au pair visa (as e.g. Germany has), but it's possible.

Check out for all pre-requisites, rules and regulations and a step by step instruction how to become an au pair in Italy!

If you have more specific questions, Davide, who is our CSM for Italy, can for sure answer them. Probably it also makes sense if your future host family also registers at connectAuPair, so that they have access to all of the information, too.

Best regards,

Maria from the cAP team

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