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What are the consequences of late submission of immigration papers?

Good day
I am already an Au pair in France. I came to France mid October but only officially started my au pair duties the first week of November. The family was on holiday when I arrived so they took some time to show me around.

There is a bit of a problem at the moment because I submitted my immigration papers after a month and inside the document I was supposed to have submitted them within 8 days of arrival. The lady I’m staying with tells me that the immigration company in France which is OFII is taxing her a lot of money because of my late submission but at the same time I’m told the immigration paper can be submitted withing 3 months.

I haven’t been paid because of this tax issue and its been 3 months now.
I would like to find out if all this is true.

Please assist me and thank you for taking your time.

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Dear Maria,

according to our research, you need to distinguish between two authorities:

  • the immigration office OFII
  • the tax authorities Urssaf

The time frames to register are

So if your host mother missed to register you at the Urssaf, it's not your problem!

If she still refuses to pay you, you can ask the CPH for help:

There should be a free legal advice place in any city - if you tell us in which city you're currently located, we can find out the contact details for you.

Hope this helps!

Maria from the cAP team

Dear Maria 

Thank you so much.I truly appreciate this,is there something I can do about it ?

My parents were now thinking of a rematch but I don’t want to make things awkward with the family I’m staying with at the moment.

Also, my OFII papers haven’t been processed so will that not be too early to find a rematch?

Kindest regards,

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