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What chances can a Filipina become an au pair in Finland and Sweden?

What chances can a Filipina become an au pair in Finland and Sweden?

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Dear Francis, 

thank you for your question! I would say that everyone has good chances to be an au pair in Finland and Sweden, not depending so much on where you are coming from. 

The most important things are adequate language skills (English, Finnish, Swedish) and how experienced you are with children. It is also very good to tell about yourself in detail in your profile. That helps in making the host families get interested in you. 

As you are coming from outside EU you will need a visa to be able to work in Finland or Sweden, but this should be no problem at all, as soon as you have found a host family for yourself. 

Have a look at the Country Information at the connectAuPair pages, here is a link to the information for Finland: There you can find also the step by step instructions how to proceed. And please make sure you have all the necessary information in your profile, after that you can use the Matching function to start looking for a family. 

Wish you good luck in finding the perfect host family in Finland or Sweden! 

Best regards, 

Taina from the cAP team

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