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What do you think about studying while the aupair job? Do you agree with that or not? studying while taking care of baby?

Having to leave your child with another person can be a difficult decision. 

So if you are babysitting, taking care of children.. can i study at the same time? Or you need to be focoused on the kids 100% ingeneral,  i mean in our freetime not babysitting. 

How many families agrees with that and how many not and why? I want to know what they are looking for and what should i expect from them to be a good and responsible Aurpair. Hope to read some intresting comments. Please write what you think and even if this is a silly question. I want every opinion.

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Hi Dari,

Thanks for contributing to our community. This is an interesting question.  

If I read your profile correctly, it appears that you have some interest in going to the U.S. There, each au pair is actually expected to enroll in and attend courses at a post-secondary institution during the program. Host families on the Au Pair and Extraordinaire programs pay tuition and fees (books, etc.) up to $500; $1,000 on the EduCare program for each 12-month term; up to $500 ($1,000 for EduCare) during the 9 month extension; and $250 ($500 for EduCare) during a 6-month extension.

In the USA, Host families establish agreeable time frames to attend classes, assist with course registration and provide transportation to and from classes.

So with respect to your question, it would be expected that you will need time to do some at home prep, homework, reading etc., so it should be fairly easy to negotiate this time with your Host Family.

I hope to see more Host families and au pairs commenting with their opinions and experience with regard to this topic.

Best Regards,

Sheila from connectAuPair Team

Hi Dari,

I'm not completely sure if I understand your question right... Are you talking about studying the language of the host country, or studying other subjects at university?

As an au pair, you are supposed to study the language of your host country, so in your freetime you definitely should study (and in your freetime you of course don't have to be focussed on the kids).

If I was your guest mom, it would also be alright for me if you studied German while looking after our kids (in your "working time") - if you're able to kind of integrate it into playing with them. Our kids are still very small (close to 2, 4 and 5 years), so they are still in the phase of learning German themselves which means that a game with the smallest one could include learning vocabulary for both of you while with the oldest you could learn vocabulary and grammar reading simple texts together with him, stimulating him to learn reading...


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