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What duties would I generally have as an au pair?

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The daily work of an au pair varies widely. It wholly depends on the type and lifestyle of the family that is hosting the au pair. In general, an au pair's everyday work includes:

  • Carrying out light housework such as helping to keep the home clean and tidy as well as washing and ironing clothes;
  • Making breakfast and simple meals;
  • Looking after younger children, i.e. supervising them, accompanying them to kindergarten, to school or specific activities, bringing them for walks, playing with them;
  • Watching over the house or apartment and looking after pets

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It depends on the different country, take China as an example, being an au pair in China don't required to always do the laundry and the cleaning job and don't need to drive the kid to the school. But to accompany the kid and play with them and improve their English by having a conversation or some practical work with them like tutor them English homework or making handcraft with them and be their big brother and big sister. More than a teacher but like a growing partner~

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