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What kind of criminal record certificate do I need and where do I get it?

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Dear au pair,

Often this "criminal record certificate" is named different. This depends on your home country.

Listed below are some countries, how this "criminal record certificate" is named and where to obtain it.

  • Argentina - Police Certificate of Good Conduct (Certificado de Antecedentes Penales) - Registro Nacional de Reincidencia
  • Austria - Certificate of the Penal Registry (Strafregisterbescheinigung) - Bundespolizeikommissariat
  • Belgium - Extract from Judicial Record - Federal Public Service Justice
  • Canada - Certified Criminal Record Check (based on name and fingerprints) - Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
  • China - Notary Certificate of No Criminal Convictions - Notary Public Office in each province of previous residences in China)
  • Denmark - Crime Certificate (Privat Straffeattest) - local police station
  • Finland - Extract from Criminal Records (Rikosrekisteriote) - Legal Register Office
  • France - Extract from Police Records (Extrait du Casier Judiciaire Bulletin N°3) - French Criminal Records Office
  • Germany - Police Certificate of Conduct (Polizeiliches Führungszeugnis) - Logal registration office in your place of residence
  • Greece - Penal Certificate for General Use - Client Service Centre / Ministry of Justice
  • HongKong (SAR) - Certificate of No Criminal Conviction - Police Identification Bureau
  • Iceland - Criminal Record Certificate for Private Use (Sakavottord) - personally at the nearest office of the District5 Commissioner
  • Ireland - Police Certificate of Character - local Garda station
  • Israel - Certificate Attesting Existence/Non-Existence of a Criminal Record (Teudat Hameidah Al Rishoum/Header Rishoum Plili) - at any police station
  • Italy - General Penal Certificate (Certificato Generale del Casellario Giudiziale) / Solicitor General’s Certificate of Pending Charges (Certificato dei Carichi Pendenti della Procura) - Criminal Records Office (Procura della Repubblica) in your place of residence
  • Japan - Police Clearance Certificate - Prefecture Police Office
  • Jordan - Penal Clearance/Non-Conviction Certificate - Ministry of Justice
  • Liechtenstein - Criminal Record Excerpt (Gesuch um Strafregisterauszug) - Fürstlich Liechtensteinisches Landgericht
  • Lithuania - Criminal Record Check - Lietuvos Respublikos vidaus reikalu ministerijos priimamaji Vilniuje Sventaragio g, 2 (Ministry of Internal Affairs)
  • Luxembourg - Penal Certificate, Bulletin No. 3 (Extrait du Casier Judiciaire) - Cite Judiciaire
  • Mexico - Certificate of Non-Criminal Record (Certificado de No Antecedentes Penales) - Secretaria de Gobernación,  Comisión Nacional de Seguridad,  Calzada de Tlalpan number 2962,  Colonia Espartaco,  04870,  Mexico City
  • Netherlands - Certificate of Good Conduct ( Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag 'VOG') - Population Affairs Department (Burgerzaken/Publiekszaken) of the municipality where you are registered
  • New Zealand - Police Clearance - Criminal Records Unit, Ministry of Justice
  • Norway - Transcript from Police Records (Politiattest) - Politiets enhet for vandelskontroll og politiattester
  • Poland - Request for Information about a Person (Zapytanie o Karalnosc – Zapytanie o udzielenie Informacji o Osobie) - directly from the KRK page of the Polish Ministry of Justice website
  • Russian Federation - Police Certificate - Main Information Centre for Ministry of Interior,
    Novocheryomushinskaya Street 67, MOSCOW
  • Spain - Certificado de Antecedentes Penales - Ministerio de Justicia / Ministerio del Interior
  • South Korea - Background Check (Criminal Records) Certificate - nearest police station
  • Sweden - Extract from the Criminal Records Registry - For Purposes in Another Country (Utdrag ur, Belastnings registret) - RIKSPOLISSTYRELSEN, Utlandsutdrag/Brud, 981 81 Kiruna, SWEDEN
  • Switzerland - Exerpt from Swiss Criminal Records (Gesuch um Auszug aus dem schweizerischen Strafregister Demande d’extrait du Casier Judiciaire Suisse Domanda d’estratto del Casellario Giudiziale Svizzero) - Federal Office of Justice, Swiss Criminal Records Section, Service for Private Individuals, Bundesrain 20, 3003 Berne, Switzerland
  • Taiwan - Police Criminal Record Certificate - Foreign Affairs Division of any city / provincial police headquarters
  • Turkey - Archived Penal Clearance (Arsivli Sabika Kaydi) - Public Prosecutor’s Office in your city of residence
  • United Kingdom - ACPO Police Certificate - The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO)
  • United States of America - FBI Identity History Summary & State Police Clearance for each State in which you have lived for at least 3 months for the last 12 months - FBI CJIS Division – Record Request, 1000 Custer Hollow Road, Clarksburg, WV 26306, USA

There are also often offered different ways how to apply:

  • personally
  • postal
  • online

Best regards,


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