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What's it like to be an au pair ?

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Hi Chloe,

even though it's most likely that you will never see this response, maybe others will, and that will help them in making a choice whether to become an Au Pair or not.

I was an Au Pair 4 years ago and I am not going to lie - it wasn't easy, especially in the beginning. You have to deal with child's (or children's) tantrums from time to time, you are responsible for them and the amount of pressure can be really high. Sometimes you might even wonder why did you choose to go away from home when you had literally everything there, and in a foreign country you feel stuck and homesick. Yes, you might meet new people, but they come and go.

On another hand, it is a rewarding experience - you get to learn the language, explore the new country, possibly get new business opportunities. Everything has its pros and cons. In any case, I ended up working for the same agency that recruited me as an Au Pair in the first place, and I cannot possibly describe how happy and grateful I am in this job. Being able to help other Au Pairs as a coordinator feels like a blessing for me and it was totally worth all my hard work and paid off in the end :)

Best regards,

Jovana, Au Pair Shanghai

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