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would i have to do a lot of cleaning?

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Dear Eleonora, 

thank you for your question.

When being an au pair, you usually help with some light household chores, like preparing breakfast and lunch, tidy after the kids, wash the children's clothes etc. But an au pair is not supposed to be a full time cleaner and the chores should usually be related to taking care of the children. 

When you start as an au pair, it would be a good idea to discuss the tasks you are expected to do with your host family (or have an au pair handbook written by your host family ready for you when you start, including your tasks). These can also be included in your au pair contract (you can find contract forms for au pairs for most of the host countries also from our country information) that you write with the host family, so that there shouldn't be any misunderstanding what tasks belong to you and what you are not supposed be doing. The amount of cleaning varies depending on the host family and their needs, but just remember that you should be treated like a family member whose main responsibility is to look after the children and not like a full time cleaner.

Kind regards,
Taina from the connectAuPair team

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