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An au pair is... An au pair is no...
Flexibility Affordability Family member Live-in care Family holidays Foreign culture Housework Childcare experience Decrease in illness Frequent changes Other advantages / disadvantages
connectAuPair is a platform... connectAuPair has the following goals:
Relevant data instead of data jungle Data protection
Au pairs and families: Premium for free Agencies: Free premium trial period No basic membership for free
Premium functions for free Better matching Better functionality Community Near-by function Easy change
The right matching is important Most important matching criteria: A common language! Other important matching criteria perfectMatch fastMatch
1) Register 2) Set up your profile 3) Search and find 4) Get in contact 5) Get to know each other 6) Make your choice 7) Clarify conditions 8) Sign contract 9) What's next?
Seek help Fast substitution
What is a summer au pair? Who can become / host a summer au pair? Why should I become a summer au pair? Why should we host a summer au pair? How can I become / host a summer au pair?
What is a scammer? How does connectAuPair protect me from scammers? How can I spot a scammer? What can I do myself?

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