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If you have a common language to discuss everything, and you are a very tolerant and relaxed person, you might not need to restrict your search criteria any further.

All other might think of the following…

If an au pair was brought up with an anti-authoritarian parenting style and thinks this is the only right parenting style, it will be hard for him or her to support a very authoritarian parenting style of the host family - and the other way round.

Preferences regarding food and special diets are another important factor for a harmonic living together – an au pair being used to eating meat three times a day will probably not be happy in a host family on a vegetarian diet.

What someone eats is often also influenced by religious rules – with some tolerance and curiosity every “pairing” of religions will be possible – but a devoutly religious host family of one religion and a devoutly religious au pair of another religion are probably a rather disadvantageous pairing…

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